"The Government of National Reconciliation, Crisis Management & National Salvation"

The Libyan Organization Of Policies & Strategies "LOOPS" had Organized a discussion panel titled "the Government of National Reconciliation, Crisis Management & National Salvation" on Saturday 18/4/2015. The session discussed the priorities of the Government of National Reconciliation that is under negotiations between Libyan parties in Morocco.

The panel was attended by university professors, politicians, government officials, and media representatives. Different views on government priorities and initiatives were introduced and discussed during two brainstorming sessions.

The Chairman of LOOPS "Dr. Awad Ibrahim" focused in his opening speech on the importance of the ongoing dialogue that will be leading to genuine national reconciliation. Additionally, he stressed on the necessity of setting priorities and initiatives for the national reconciliation government.

The Libyan Ambassador in Turkey "H.E. Abderrazg Mukhtar" welcomed the participants and emphasized that the dialogue is an opportunity for Libyans to stop the bloodshed and put their country back on the road to stability and prosperity that should not be missed.

The General Manager of LOOPS " Mr. Mohamed Essid" presented to the participants mission, goals and activities of the organization.

Later, the brainstorming sessions started for setting opportunities for the government of national reconciliation. The outcome of these sessions will be issued in a separate report


Start Date - End Date

Apr 18th, 2015-Apr 18th, 2015

Start Time - End Time

09:00 am-12:00 pm

Event Location



Discussion Panel

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