Conference on 2014 Audit Bureau Report and Public Spending Rationalization

LOOPS held a conference titled "2014 Audit Bureau Report and Public Spending Rationalization "on Saturday 6th of June 2015 in Istanbul. The conference was attended by Bankers, Businessmen, Politicians, Academics, and Journalists. Three papers were presented in this conference about the loss of the Libyan funds during the previous years and its negative impact on the financial future of Libya.

The Chairman of LOOPS Dr. "Awad Elbarassi" presented an introduction about the Organization and its activities. He also summarized his observations on the Audit Bureau report.

Dr." Ezildeen Ashour ",the Deputy Manager of Researches and Statics Department at Libyan Central Bank, presented a paper titled "the Financial Statement of Libya for Years 2012-2014 and Expectations for Year 2015". He also revealed the actual 2015 economic updates including details of income and expenditure.
Dr. "Mohamed Fayed", the General Manger of the Economic Science Research Center, presented a paper titled "Readings in 2014 Audit Bureau Report and Solutions for the Projected Deficit of 2015 Budget. Also, he presented the prospects for comprehensive solutions and determines the optimal financial policies to face the crisis of public spending and declining oil revenues.

Mr. "Alsonusi Bsaikri", the Manger of Libyan Center of Research and Development, presented his paper on the incident of National Identification Numbers Duality, and how it ended up with a number of 500 thousand citizens getting paid for fallacious jobs that do not exist. This negatively reflects a massive corruption among administration and institutes in Libya. The outcome of these sessions will be issued in a separate report shortly

Start Date - End Date

Jun 6th, 2015-Jun 6th, 2015

Start Time - End Time

09:00 am-12:00 pm

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