A Discussion Panel in Tripoli on the Financial Corruption in the Libyan Economy

The Libyan Organization Of Policies & Strategies "LOOPS" held a discussion panel on the financial corruption in the Libyan economy, on Sunday, June 5, 2016. The Panel was attended by some members of the National Initiative for Transparency Group and a few Libyan economic experts. This was the first event organized by LOOPS in its new headquarter in the Libyan capital of Tripoli.  
The Panel was opened by Dr. Abdullah Shamia, the manager of Tripoli office, with an introduction about corruption in general and the extent of harm to States and societies, and how that corruption spread in almost every level of the Libyan state.
Dr. Shamia presented in his speech the ranking of Libya in the reports and indicators of global corruption, as Libya was no. 161 of the total 168 countries, according to the Corruption Perceptions index for year 2015.
Strategic Plan:
Participants agreed that the financial corruption spread in the public sectors significantly and to fight against it there must be a long-term clear strategic plan. They also considered that a comprehensive reform of Libyan institutions shall reduce corruption. Moreover, they felt that unless you address the phenomenon of financial corruption in the Libyan economy, the future of the economy will be subjected to great collapses.
The Role of the Society:
The participants agreed that relying on the State for the fight against corruption has failed and community participation is very important. They also emphasized that educational institutions, media and mosques shall be involved in fighting corruption. 

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