The Libyan Administrative Control Authority (ACA) Report of the Year 2015

Control and follow-up have become crucial aspects to improve quality and encourage competitiveness especially within government authorities and departments. For this reason, many States established Control Authorities to monitor the performance of their different agencies. The State provides Control Authorities with sufficient autonomy to do their job, as well as it provides them with the necessary resources to fully and more efficiently accomplish their role so that to contribute to developing and improving the performance of different establishments without turning into formal entities with no active roles. Various government bodies are aware of the high importance of the role of Control Authorities, so they cooperate with them based on this awareness, also in accordance with the law that is determining the nature of the relationship between Control bodies and executive ones in a way that enables the Control Authorities to perform their work efficiently. As Libyan revolution did not bring about real State institutions, the existence of an active institutional organization requires the presence of control authority that monitors the work and performance of executive bodies in order to offer recommendations and follow the irregularities, hence hold accountable officials with a view to improving the work of various government entities. In this context, the Libyan Administrative Control Authority (ACA) was established in 2013 in an attempt to monitor the main irregularities in the government bodies to hold accountable officials and thus preventing these offenses in the future. ACA issued its report for the year 2015. The report is analyzed according to the following aspects: · An Overview on the Libyan Control Authority and an Evaluation of its Performance. · The Report and its Methodology. · The Main Characteristics of the 2015 Report In Comparison With Previous Reports. · The Main Axes Addressed in the Report. · The Negative Aspects of the Report and How to Enhance the Libyan Administrative Authority Performance.