Press Release

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017, the former Libyan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of electricity “Awad Al-Baraasi” announced a new Libya Peace Initiative. He stated that the initiative aims to end the war and conflict in Libya through urging the parties of war and dispute to get together and discuss all historical and newly-emerged contentious issues, to reach a peace agreement that establishes stability and lays the ground for a coexistence between all Libyans without exclusion or marginalization. 
Al-Baraasi stated that all Libyans are invited to support this initiative to put pressure on the parties of war and conflict in order to accept the negotiation and dialogue as an alternative to war and conflict.
The initiative asserts that those who take war as a means to achieve their demands and interests or as a path to gain ground in negotiation are considered as parties of war and conflict. They must realize the seriousness of the continuing civil war in Libya and its repercussions on society, resources, and national sovereignty. 
Libya Peace Initiative