The Religious Case in Libya - February 2017

The official religious institution in the east of Libya is still maintaining its supportive position towards the military operation led by "Khalifa Haftar" in the cities of "Benghazi" and "Derna". It stresses its position at every opportunity, most recently through its response to the statement of Arab Maghreb Ulema (Scholars) Association. The latter denounced the siege of families in "Ganfouda" by the army forces affiliated to the House of Representatives (HoR) and the tightening of their stranglehold to the extent of cutting them off from food supplies. The High Committee of Ifta (religious verdict) in the city of "Al-Baydha" accused the League of The Arab Maghreb Scholars (Ulama) of defending the groups of "Muslim Brotherhood", "Al-Qaeda", and ISIS besieged in "Ganfouda" and that civilians trapped in "Ganfouda" were given several opportunities to get out of the fighting zones. In Tripoli, Fatwa Council (Dar al-Ifta) headed by Sheikh "Sadiq Al-Ghariani" continues its warning of the Political Agreement signed in "Skhirat" and the military operation carried by "Haftar" in the east. In frequent Television appearances on "Al-Tanasoh" channel, Sheikh "Sadiq Al-Ghariani" reiterated his rejection of "Skhirat" Agreement accusing those who signed it of resorting to foreign countries against their opponents and thus getting caught into injustice with their brethren. Despite all that, "Al-Ghariani" believes that countries supporting the Agreement are gradually abandoning everyone in Libya to stand behind "Khalifa Haftar" and provide him with political support against his opponents.