Public Education in Libya: Problems, Challenges and Solutions

August 05, 2016


In order to initiate asignificant reform in any country or community, a strong education system must be built in line with the requirements of the community and the labour market this community needs. However, this process requires the evaluation of the situation of the education system as well as the education experience in the country through history.

This paper is aimed at observing the situation of education in Libya by putting focus on the structure of the education system, education administrative structures, human resources and beneficiaries from the education services in Libya. It is also aimed at reviewing curricula and curricula sources. Moreover, the study will shed light on the main problems and challenges faced by education. This paper will also locate the deficiencies in the educational system with a view to introduce ways needed to develop its sector and promote it with a general plan.

The paper will be directly dependent on information made available by the Ministry of Education on its official website or from interviews made with officials at the Ministry. The paper also depends on information presented in the Audit Bureau’s 2015 report. 


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