Health Sector in Libya: Situation and Challenges

July 23, 2016


Service government institutions are facing a bunch of economic, political, social and technical challenges. These institutions become obliged to confront the challenges through making the necessary arrangements of adopting governance concepts that would allow it to efficiently and effectively achieve its objectives. These challenges have been accompanied with the call for renewing public administration methods and adopting different strategies that would improve the performance of service government agencies by positively addressing the challenges, rationalising expenditure, speeding up achievement and simplifying procedures. This should be done in line with the comprehensive start of management development through the efficient exploitation of institutions’ resources, the continued improvement of the quality of their services and the increase in their customer satisfaction.

The health sector in Libya constitutes an example of the challenges that face the Libyan administration and the significantly substandard public services due to the acute shortage of medical supplies and medicines. Seeing that the war and political division between Libyan parties have resulted in the deterioration of the health sector, more than one million citizens were exposed to an imminent humanitarian disaster. In view of these very serious changes and transformations, a need to periodically measure the performance of the health system in Libya has emerged with a view to improve the system’s performance and confront the challenges and risks. In light of what has been mentioned before, this report addresses the situation of the health sector and assesses the performance of its basic components by reviewing five key elements.

First: The Health Sector Situation.

Second: Political Division and its Impacts on the Health Sector

Third: Indicators and Standards of the Performance of the Health Sector in Libya.

Fourth: The Main Challenges Facing the Health Sector in Libya.

Fifth: The Performance of the Health Sector as per Citizens’ Estimations in 2015. 

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