The Relationship Between Research Centres and Decision makers in Libya

On Saturday 12 August 2017, the Libyan Organization Of Policies & Strategies (LOOPS) held a Workshop titled "The Relationship between Research Centres and Decision-makers in Libya" at the Bab El-Bahr Hotel in Tripoli. Participants discussed four main topics:

1. The relationship between non-governmental research centres and decision-makers.
2- The relationship between government research centres and decision-makers in Libya, between reality and hope.
3. The problem of data availability and information for researchers.
4 - Mechanisms of networking between different research centres.

The National Centre for Decision-Making Support prepared a presentation paper for the second topic, while LOOPS prepared an introduction to all other topics.

The seminar was attended by The Southern Libyan Studies Centre for Research and Development (SLSCRD), the Libya Centre for Strategic & Future Studies and the Libyan Public Policy Forum (LPPF) , as well as a group of governmental institutions such as the General Information Authority (GIA), the National Planning Institute, the National Program for Small and Medium Enterprises (Libya Enterprise), In addition to a number of expert personalities such as Dr. Ezzedine Ashour, Dr. Bashir Al-Kout and Dr. Tarek Tantoush.

Participants stressed the importance of strengthening the relationship between research centres and decision-makers in Libya. On the basis of the discussion that took place in this workshop, there was a set of recommendations that the participants agreed upon, including the formation of a Network of research institutions to facilitate cooperation among them on issues of mutual concern. Participants also stressed on means to help in the decision making process by positive influence on decision-makers. A preparatory committee has been assigned to an upcoming workshop which will invite all research institutions and related institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, in Libya.

It is noteworthy that this Workshop is part of a series of academic activities to be held by LOOPS in its plan for the year 2017.

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